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“There are ways to travel besides roads and doors… 
I summon forth a portal between MY world and YOURS!”

Greetings, I am the Dungeon Master.

And soon, you will have the opportunity to meet me face-to-face, as I am leaving the cold, shadowy confines of Atoll and coming to hopefully sunnier weather at the Strategicon convention in Los Angeles at the Westin Hotel February 16th and 17th

    However, as the saying goes, “Wherever you go, you take the weather with you.” This is no different…except that by weather I mean the most dangerous monsters and most treacherous traps. Yes, the challenges that I bring to you shall not be easy, and you will be tested to the very limits of your ability! But, without struggle, there is no growth, and you must be strong to survive in Atoll these days.

    Prepare yourselves –

    Sunday the 17th of February at 9PM, we shall see just how strong you really are….

      The varied Denizens of Atoll will be wandering the Convention center Saturday as well.  Although many will be in wizard robes and adventering garb, you will know some of them because they will be wearing this particular piece of clothing:


    One of these souls will be none other than yours truly, The Dungeon Master.  If you are the first fan to find me, recite the following magic spell and I will reward you with your own shirt, which you may then lord over your friends to prove your superior tracking skills…

      Here is the incantation…

 “I travel light, thus I travel faster…

Give me my Prize, oh Dungeonmaster!”

    I hope to see you on Saturday and Sunday, though undoubtedly, you hope to see me first….


About idungeonmaster

Dungeon Master is a hybrid of Theater and Improv performed on a stage using actors as the background...and starring you as one of the main characters. We are in the midst of celebrating our eleventh year in LA!

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